How I Got Rid Of My Chronic Arthritis With This Solution No One Else Will Tell You About in Less Than 30 Days!

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Hello friend,

Here are a few little questions for you…

Are you battling with Arthritis & Body Pains?          ​

Do you feel pain or aches on any of Your Joints?         

Have you ever felt CHRONIC Back Pains that makes you wish you didn’t have them? 

Have you been using all sort of Drugs that didn’t work?         ​

Do You Feel waist pains When You Wake up Every morning?         

Are you Tired of Suffering in Silence?         

Are you looking to Get Rid of the Frustrating Body Pains? ​

If you Read This to The Last Word, you will discover the best answers to all the questions above!

But before that, I want you to know that I also suffered from arthritis too.

In Fact, Mine Was Worse than Any Arthritis I have Ever Seen in My Life!   ​

Here’s Why….


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I gave birth shortly after I Was  Diagnosed With Rheumatoid Arthritis!

Even as a certified medical doctor, arthritis made life miserable for me. It got so bad that I really didn’t know I would  live long enough to even be writing this testimony.

I know what you might be thinking…

How can a medical doctor be afraid of arthritis?

But the truth is, when Arthritis hits you, it hits like a speeding train. The pain alone will make you feel unimaginable agony, makes you wonder the kind of pain that people in hell must be feeling.

It makes you believe that village people are real!

Arthritis doesn’t care if you are rich, poor, a nurse or a doctor. All it cares about is to hit you with that massive pain that makes you feel so powerless. ​​

This Was My Condition for Many Excruciating Months, and It Made NO Difference that I was a Well Trained Doctor

And guess what?

My husband, Justin and I tried everything( and I mean EVERYTHING).

BUT My Arthritis Sill Raged On That I Cry on my Husband’s Shoulders Every Morning

It’s not hard to guess that this was the WORST time of my life. I had responsibilities as a mother, a wife, and as a doctor and I couldn’t be responsible for these responsibilities during this period.

I was ready to do ANYTHING to get rid of the pain.

So I tried all sort of orthodox pills and medications BUT did not work!

I went traditional with all kinds of Nigerian trado-medical stuff that worked as much as a car with no engine.

My Husband traveled down to Ghana and got a miracle drug that will be a miracle if it actually worked, but it didn’t work.

Did I mention that all these times I couldn’t have sex with my husband? If not for the fact that he’s the best man any woman could wish for he would have cheated on me or abandoned me because I was practically useless. I couldn’t even bath my newborn baby because Arthritis made sure I couldn’t.  

But my husband couldn’t have any of it. He was determined to find a cure, and he did stop at Ghana. He traveled as far as China, and… ​ ​

That Was How He Discovered the Amazing  Calcium Iron Zinc Capsule

He was on a business trip to China, and if he wasn’t in a business meeting, he was out the streets looking for the local China remedy that could work. It was after 5 days of staying in China that he called me and was all excited on the phone.

He said he found something that could work. I didn’t think much of it, I mean, I have tried so many drugs, pills, sessions that promised they were going to work, why will this be any different?

But my husband was optimistic. He told me he was referred to a Chinese Herbal Guru who has been known to cure arthritis with his Herbal Remedy. I told him that NOTHING MADE in CHINA EVER WORKS.  How Wrong I was.

He sent me pictures. You will see what the Herbal Remedy looks like below.

The Pain Relieving solution contains rare arthritis and chronic pain relieving products that contains herbal qualities which detoxifies You of Pain by flushing away all the pain-causing toxins from your body without any side effects.

Introducing the Rare Herbal Remedies that did all these magic…. ​ ​

No. #1 The Miracle Pain Crushing Solution (Calcium Iron Zinc Capsule)

 The Miracle herbal Pain Crusher  is really powerful and effective herbal solution which was made from 100% herbal ingredients such as Ormosia, Licorice, Coix Seed, and yam rhizome, all of which are not only potent, but helps to detoxify YOUR body system, and takes away the pain caused by Arthritis. ​    What’s So Special About This Calcium Ion Zinc?

The Calcium Iron Zinc contains so many secret herbal contents which can be found at the root of the popular Mount Himalaya. That made this solution not so easy to find anywhere else in the world except China.

All You Need is the Calcium Iron Zinc Capsule, and it starts working immediately!

If you have been suffering from chronic Arthritis and Body Pains which feels like it wants to end your life, all you need to do is take Calcium Iron Zinc Capsule and watch ALL of your pains and agony FADE away, and FAST too!

The Calcium Iron Zinc Capsule DETOXIFIES your INTERNAL system of toxins and gives you a Sharp relief on the areas affected by arthritis for a FASTER relief of your pains!   ​

Here’s What Makes This Unique

  • It contains a powerful and RARE ingredient known as “Deer Bone” which is the major reason it is powerful.
  • It gives you an INSTANT relief from body pains when used along with this product. ​

After using this Pain Crushing Solution , I decided to sell it to a few people. Here’s what they have to say about the it.

Calcium Pain Crusher Practically Saved My Life…


  • Dear Mr. Shola, Well, let me start by telling you that the Calcium Pain Crusher saved my life. I was diagnosed with Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis like you already know, and I spent Millions to ensure I don’t have to die of pain. I even had a kneecap replacement in India. ​But since I got your product, I have been feeling a lot better now. Although I thought it wouldn’t work after one week of usage and I didn’t see any changes. The second week was like a miracle! I am free from Total Joint Arthritis Pain. I am now able to go about my business without feeling any pain. Thanks a lot for introducing me to this great opportunity.
    From Barr Gbenga

It’s Now All in the Past!!

  • My Dearest Mr. Shola, I am so happy to be writing to you at this time. I am so happy about the efficacy of the Calcium Iron Zinc Capsule I got from you. It has been the best investment I have made in 2019!! My arthritis and chronic body pain is now a thing of the past, all thanks to the Calcium Iron Capsule. it got corrected in less than 3 weeks! Thank You So much for this, it has made me a better person.  I wish more people get to know about this product and its wonders!
    From Madam Adedayo

I almost lost my job

  • Hello, Mr. Shola, I started getting body pains not long ago. My job was tasking, it requires me to carry a lot of heavy materials, and I always end the day with severe body pains. Not until I got the Calcium Iron Zinc Capsule. I was thinking of quitting my job, but yesterday makes it the 19th day of using the Calcium Iron Zinc Capsule and I am no longer feeling any pain. If it’s worth anything. Thank You So Much! From Engr Anthony

These are real-life testimonies from real people who used the product.

The Hard Question is…

Do you Want to be among These Success Stories?   ​

If you answered YES, then you need to hurry…

Because We Have a Limited Stock of just above 30 pcs ​

Think of it… ​

  • No MORE​ body pain
  • No MORE waking up and walking around in excruciating pain         
  • No MORE feeling helpless like a child who lives off people’s favor.

​If this sounds like what you want, then get the Calcium Iron Zinc before it runs out.

How To Use The Calcium Iron Zinc ​

Take a capsule in the morning and another capsule at night to Detoxify Your Blood & Internal Organs From Pain-Causing Toxins.

The Calcium Iron Zinc is Just the PERFECT COMBO for Getting Rid of Arthritis and Body Pains ​ ​

It’s time to get rid of the pain forever!

It’s time to heal your damaged joints so you can return to that happy pain-free person you were before.   Here’s What You Will Get if you place an order today.   ​

But guess what? ​

You’ll be Paying ONLY

N25,000 for a bottle (one-month treatment!!!)

or N45,000 for two bottles  (two months Treatment)

or N60,000 for three bottles  (three months Treatment)


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​Promo Price: N25,000 for 1 month treatment

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N45,000 for 2 months treatment

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​Shipping Fee is FREE & Payment is on Delivery!!!N60,000 for 3 months treatment

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if you know your arthritis is a very serious one as in the next 48 hours we are likely to  sell out.   But to Make This Deal Even Sweet….

You Are Covered By a 90 Days No Super Story, Money Back Guarantee!

What that means is, if you buy the Calcuim Iron Zinc Capsule TODAY and you don’t see any positive result within 90 days,  just give us a call, and we’ll refund you.

What Will You Do Next? Would you Ignore This and Stay in Pain Or Are you going to INVEST in Yourself and Get Rid of the Pain? ​

If your answer is a resounding YES.  Don’t  Delay any longer.

Just Click the order button below.

 Regular Price for 1= 40,000 ​

​Promo Price: N25,000 for 1 month treatment

N45,000 for 2 months treatment 

N60,000 for (3) three months treatment


​Shipping Fee is FREE & Payment is on Delivery

I wish you a Pain-Free & Healthy Life.

Special Promo Ends In… less than 24 HOURS

TAKE NOTE: Please Don’t rush and order if you dont have MONEY at hand to pay and collect your product within 24hrs – 72hrs. In as much as i want people to get this product. I dont want unserious people. I want to deal with serious people who are ready to End their pains and get rid of this problem once and for all. I WANT PEOPLE TO BENEFIT SO WHEN YOU ORDER; Make Your Self Available to COLLECT YOUR PRODUCT.


To get this product, please click on the “ORDER NOW” button below… But before that, if you have any question or Clarification before you order, call the Customer Representative with the below Phone Number:08123677442  If You have any issues or you can’t order via the form below, Call/WhatsApp/Text Message The Customer Representative: 08123677442  

Otherwise, If You’re Okay with every words on this page, You can go ahead and place your order by Simply clicking on the button below which will direct you to our customer care representative.

Don’t order if you are not serious about recieving your order. I care about you having to that you overcome arthritis and enjoy the rest of your life painless.